Canvas Fingerprint Generation Execute failed


I am creating a workflow that involves producing molecular fingerprints. After reading an SDF file with the “Molecule Reader (to MAE)” node, I use the node “Canvas Fingerprint Generation”. At this stage the fingerprint generation fails and the error message displayed is

ERROR Canvas Fingerprint Generation 0:44 Execute failed: Output file
FingerPrintGen_1756358237_in_3681131178868851195.fp’ not found

From the log file it seems that the conversion from SDF to MAE works fine, then something happens that produces this error.

Does anyone have any idea what does it mean?
Thank you.

Hi Ricardo,
I assume generation of one of the fingerprints for a molecule in the data set failed. But I would highly recommend to ask the providers of the nodes themselves (i.e. Schroedinger) for support in this case.