carriage return as Row Delimiter in CSV Reader

I am trying to load a csv file with carriage return line endings using CSV Reader.  (Unfortunately, Mac Excel  exports csv files using carriage returns.  I know I can convert line endings, but our users would prefer using the files directly from Excel.)


I thought that changing Row Delimiter from the default \n to \r would work, but it doesn't.  I get an empty table, with all cells as column headers.  I've attached an example file (had to change extension to txt to be able to upload it).


I am using KNIME 2.8.1 on Mountain Lion.


Thank you for your help

Perhaps You should try unix/linux version of carriage return (as I remember correctly windows version is cr lf and unix is only lf - which is line feed - and a code is :0x0A), source:

The node default (\n) is newline (line feed).  That does not work.  My file (attached) has carriage returns (\r).


To be honest i tried it and the only solution is to change cr to cr lf ,  open in xls and save again as csv. Maybe some JAVA parsing or python/perl etc.

Just adding to it that KNIME will support '\r' as an option in the CSV Reader from 2.8.2 on.