Cascaded widgets and selections

I believe the answer to my question is No, based on the research I’ve done so far, but thought I’d ask the question, just to be sure.

I’m trying to have a two step interactive filtering/selection by the user on a Component (displayed through the Web Portal when the workflow runs on the Server). The Worklow in the component is as follows:


and this displays something like:

I’d like that if the changes the selected region in the left hand twinlist, the workflow can update the right hand twinlist accordingly. Even if I need to include a “confirm” button to force a refresh, that would be good enough. The only way I found so far was to have one component by user input/selection, and would be doing the country selection over two pages… Would like to do it on a single page, if possible.

Any suggestion?

Unfortunately you are right, this does not work in a single view. If you know a bit of JavaScript, you could build one yourself with the Generic JavaScript View, though. It can output flow variables that you could use for filtering the data afterwards.
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