Cascading Dropdown Example

Hi everyone,

We have a urgen requirement for our customer.
In this requirement, there should be 3 dropdowns on the page.
The data in it should be filtered according to the change of the next one consecutively.
I found an example from W3 schools (Tryit Editor v3.6)
How can I realize this example in Knime, is there a different way? I will read from a database as a data set.

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Hi Volkan,

if you have the same structure as in the W3 example, then you can simply use the ‘Generic JavaScript View’-Node to achieve this.

I have attached an example workflow. I hope this helps you already.


DropDownSelection.knwf (6.2 KB)


Hi Daniel,

First of all, thank you for your time. I got the answer, thank you very much.

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