Case Insensitive Sorting

Hello KNIMErs,

I couldn't find any posts on whether or not there is a way to do case insensitive sorting in KNIME.  

I would like to keep the original case of the values in the column, so I know that I could do something like 

  1. String Manipulation > lowerCase($myStr$) > Append coumn: lower
  2.  Sorter > Sort column "lower" Ascending
  3. Column Filter > Remove column "lower"

but a case insensitive checkbox for each column in the Sorter node would be so much cleaner.

If something like this already exists please let me know.

Example of the KNIME Row Sorter output:

  1. Aardvark
  2. Carrot
  3. Zebra
  4. aardvark state university
  5. carrot cake
  6. zebra stripes



Hi Troy, 

Thanks for the report, that would be a nice piece of polish for the Sorter.  I've logged it so it doesn't get lost. 



Suggestion: maybe contemplate to not add that as an option directly, but to turn the Sorter into a SortBy with an extension point for comparators. (Or even a Java Sorter)