Case switch with more than 3 output ports

Hi Team,

I have a case where I am in need of more than 3output activation branches required for Case switch (At any point there is 1 branch that can be activated but there are more than 3 branches). How to overcome this challenge as existing case switch start node has only 3 out ports.


Hi Sudheer,

Here an example for you to see how multiple Case Switch works in these cases: KNIME_project24.knwf (28.8 KB)


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Hi mehrdad_bgh,

Thanks for your response but my requirement was on the opposite side that is outputs. I have one Rule engine which can emit 0,1,2,3,4 etc for activating the output port. But CASE node can take only 0,1,2 as it is limited by 3 output branches.


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Hi Sudheer,

Sorry my bad.
Second Case switch should be connected to active port.
With 2 Case switch node you can make 5 active port(output), with 3 Case switch you can make 7 active port and so on. Check this one: KNIME_project24.knwf (15.9 KB)


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