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Good day everyone! I need a bit of help here.


Can i ask, is it possible to do it like - Cucumber = True; while others = False? And after that i count the total amount base on T n F ? Really appreciate for a full tutorial with nodes on how to solve this issue because I am a new Knime user, still trying to figure out how to get a hold of it! Thank You everyone!

Well if cucumber is the only vegetable (hmmm… I won’t get started on debating that cucumber is technically a fruit! :wink:)… You could use a rule engine to return true or false but personally I would look at the wider picture and have a lookup table of what constitutes fruit or vegetable…

This would be two columns. One with the name (the “Food” column) and the other with the fruit or vegetable classification. This would contain the word “Fruits” or “Vegetables” against each food, because that is the category name you want to appear in your summary table.

I would then join that lookup table to your data table (join on “Food”) to return Fruits or Vegetables classification for each and then use a groupby to summarise the count of fruits and vegetables… which is your output table.


Hi @KainLittleCloth

So something like this categorizing_data.knwf (29.2 KB)
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Got it!! Thankyou really muchhh!

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Thankyou sooo much for the demo!


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