Category to number node does not work


I'm testing category to number and built a workflow as attached picture shows

sex column is one of columns that has nominal values which I want to convert to numbers (here is binary 0 or 1, but other columns such as region has more than two categorical values)

somehow, i couldnt get any categorical values converted to numbers, the result shows still nonimal values( categorical)

does anyone know what goes wrong here?



Hi ikelca,

i've just tested this with knime 3.1, and for me it works well.
Knime should have added a new column at the end of the table with the result (please, make sure the new field is the last one added, because i see there's the flag on the option "append columns". If you want to replace the column just unflag this).
I've exactly the same settings in the "category to number" node, i only set the Max categories field to 2 (but it works also with max categories=100).

Hope it can help


omg, that was it!!! i unchecked append columns and now it works, cant believe this caused my lots of time.


thanks a lot Ema, you saved my day!!