Category to Number Node: Mapping missing value

Hi everyone,

I am using the Category to Number Node to transform a list of strings into numbers. The PMML transformation dictionary was created automatically as well. Now, I have a new list of input strings containing strings (categories) which are known and unknown to the transformation dictionary which I want to map. By using the Category to Number (Apply) Node and the aforementioned PMML transformation dictionary, the known strings were able to be mapped to the correct numbers, but those new, unknown strings are mapped to "?". Is there anyway to map these unknown strings to new numbers where the numbering continues from the previous PMML?

An example file is attached. Thanks!



Hi eu91,

The Category to Number (Apply) node takes columns with nominal data and maps every category to an integer. The information for the value mapping is taken from the PMML model. This node is used to apply the same mapping found by a Category To Number node. Actually, in order to solve what you are trying to do there is a workaround.

Please find attached the updated example workflow.

Hope that helps,



Hi Vincenzo,

thank you so much for the reply and sorry for my late reply. Your suggestion does work, but at the same time I was able to come out with another similar solution. But thanks anyway :)