CDF / PPF for any distribution

I can’t find anywhere in KNIME cumulative distribution functions or percent point function (quantile functions) for a normal or any statistical distribution.
Please, consider integrating such, and help if there are any.


Hi there -

Like your other thread, this is an area where I would use R instead. We don’t have native nodes that support PDF/CDF types of calculations. But I can add a +1 feature request from you. Sorry for the trouble!


I use KNIME because I don’t need to code. I managed to make use of a Python function, but still - all the statistical software packages have those. It’s a definitely + request, thanks! :slight_smile:

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I also would like to have that node created. we use CDF a lot in our business

@atlaswarrior if you need it, you can put a small python or R code between the in/out nodes, or else, I can link you to a paper with an easy to read formula, to to a Math node computation. Tell me what you need and I’ll provide relevant info, or maybe create an example workflow.


I would appreciate if you provide both the workflow as I am a novice and the paper you refers to.

Here is a KNIME workflow for the Standard normal distribution functions with some randomly generated data.

Explanation and working Python code is inside, with link to Soranzo, Epure (2014)
Here is my easy to follow guide for Python implementation in KNIME:

One can compare the results at the end and for error of E-16 order in both cases it may be quite negligible.


Really Appreciated! thank you


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