CDK molecular property node: invalid properties issue

Hi guys,

When I open the dialog of CDK molecular property node all the properties are rounded by a red square. Moreover in the pop up window name, appearing when the pointer is over a property name, the “(invalid)” suffix is appended to each property name. Currently I'm using org.openscience.cdk.knime_1.5.500.v201602172347 version but it appear also on other versions.

To what is due this behavior? Do we have to worry about it?


Hi Gio,

the node works just fine. The node dialog has been like this for some time now.

However, I took the opportunity to change the NameFilterPanel subclass (commited to trunk). That has removed the red boxes and 'invalid' tooltip messages.


Hi Stephan,

I was supposing everything was working fine as I didn't experienced any abnormality. Thanks anyway for the information and for the commit to trunk. I confirm you that now the red boxes and 'invalid' tooltip messages disappeared.


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