cdk sdf 2 cdk SDFParserModel

Hi All,

I'm trying read a SD-file using the CDK tools.
Last summer I did this many times without problems but unfortunately I can not get it work again.

I used SDF-reader
SDF properties Extraction

The last module gives me the following error: SDFParserModel

Tried several SD-files, with and without a header and so on.
I did read smiles without problems and then I'm able to use all the CDK functionalities.


Hi Peter,

Could you send me the KNIME log file with the exception in it? The location of the log file is written in the KNIME console upon startup.



Hi Thosten (and Peter),

We are encountering the same issue... the node appears to execute correctly (we get a green light), but the console sends out a "ERROR SDFParserModel", and the CDK cell is empty. I sent you separately a knime.log from my workflow.

Hi Joe,

Thorsten told me it is a bug caused by empty names in the connection table.
Using names indeed solves the problem. It will be fixed in the 1.3.3 release scheduled for mid-January.