CDK Smarts Query Error

I have two seperate columns fed into the smarts query node, one with converted CDK molecules and one with smarts. Both are type cast and show up in the smarts query node and the correct input columns.

The smarts query node won't run and says "ERROR SMARTS Query Configure failed (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException): null"

Does anyone have any idea on why I am getitng this error? BTW, I am new to knime.

Hi Rinker,

thanks for your post. Can you please post the KNIME and CDK version you are using?

Have you trired to configure the node by double-clicking on it? If you send me your workflow, I can take a look.




My work is attached. I am not sure now to find the node versions. I can configure it and it did select the correct columns.

The Knime version is

Hi Rinker,

okay, I believe I have found the bug. Please update your plug-in ('Help'->'Check for Updates') and check whether the node configures correctly.

Best regards,