Cell highlight color


This is my first time using BIRT and can’t I figure this out. I’m trying to color all cells with value = 0 blue.

I managed to do it for specific column and rows, that works great, but how do I do it for all columns?

I was thinking, maybe regex in the condition? Sound kind of complicated.

Or a check if a column is a double? But how?

I found some similiar topics in the forum, but not quite an answer. Thanks in advance for a reply.

I can’t find a way to do it in the editor, but a rather easy workaround is to edit the XML. Make your settings for a single column and then open the “XML Source” tab. Here, search for a <list-property name="highlightRules"> element inside a <column> element and change the other column elements to also contain the same highlightRules. Then make sure that the column names match by editing the <expression> element accordingly.
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@AlexanderFillbrunn Thanks by the way. Solved. I watched some BIRT tutorials on Youtube and starting to get it. :slight_smile:


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