Cell Replacer does not read the words to me if they are case sensitive

Hello Knimers,

I’m work in a workflow and I need to apply a Vlookup, so I put a “cell replacer” node, but some of the results are missing, so, I found out the problem is case sensitive, look this example:


As you can see, the “cell replacer” doesn’t recognize the uppercase ones, so I try to lower them: ** String manipulation [capitalize ($ MARKET $)] ** but the problem now is with the ones eat something, like ** Columbia, SC **, if I write them in lowercase they become ** Columbia, sc **, then it doesn’t read it either.

Do you guys have an option to do this vlookup? I try with “joiner” but it doesn’t work.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi IvaR

For any join, character case on both sides has to match. Excel’s vlookup may be case-indifferent but in that it would be an exception compared to the rest.

The best is to create a separate column in each set, containing either a lower case or an upper case version of that column, then to use joiner or cell replacer on the new column. Avoid capitalise.


Thanks @Geo, works good :slight_smile:


seems like a proper use case for a Cell Replacer with a case-insensitive checkbox :wink:



Hi @ipazin !

it could be amazing, this option actually exist?


Hi @IvaR,

not yet but there is ticket for it (internal reference: AP-13269). hopefully will be implemented in some of future releases :wink:



@ipazin amazing news!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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