Cell splitter: multiple delimiters

I am trying to split cells that have various delimiters including space, comma, brackets, semi-colons and so on. Is there a way to specify multiple delimiters in one cell splitter node or shall I make a metanode containing multiple cell splitters?

Thank you.

Hi @tdjebah,

You could convert all different delimiters to a single one and then use one Cell Splitter node.
For example you can use this expression in the String Manipulation node and then use comma β€œ,” as delimiter in the Cell Splitter node:

regexReplace($column1$, "[\\s\\[\\];]", ",")

Where column1 is the column with values to split. You can add more characters to the list if you need to.



Hello armingrudd,

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, this does not work as this simply replaces the whole column of data with "$column1$.
it’s as if I should input a string instead of column name, but the string differ in each column, any way around this? Thanks!

Dear @tdjebah,

When you input the column name like $column1$, then the expression will be applied to every cell, row by row. So the expression will replace any of the listed characters (space and [ and ] and ;) with a comma character in all strings of the column.

Please give it a try and then let me know if your issue remains unsolved.



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