Cell Splitter node not splitting to two different columns

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Hi, I am trying to split the cell using the delimiter as " ", and the output as new columns, but the cell doesn’t seem to split. I am trting to split the “Credit_History_Age” column to have the 22 in one column and the 1 into another column etc, but it only tends to create one Arr[0] with the same thing as the “Credit_History_Age”. Is there anything I might be doing wrong?

Hi @dh007_p

You don’t need to include the quotes as delimiter. You can just use a space :wink:

Hi @ArjenEX, i have tried the space but it doesn’t seem to work.

Hi @dh007_p,

welcome to the Knime community. I tried to replicate the issue you face but was not able to do it.

Can you share your sample data please?


Hi @mwiegand, thanks for the help, but I figured out that there was actually an issue in one of the previous nodes which was not allowing the cell splitter not to work, but now I have fixed that.

Glad to hear. Cheers, Mike

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