Cell Splitter node won't take "Path" from List File/Folder node

I want to collect a list of folders in a directory and generate information from the paths. I’m not looking to change anything in the source folders. I just want the paths collected as strings. But the Path column in the List FIles/Folders node’s Table is not available as an input for Manipulation notes like Cell Splitter. I’m guess because editing the “Path” would be editing the actual directories. I assume I need to write the information from List FIles/Folder to an intermediary table. But am not sure what node to use.

I could use the Excel Writer node, but then I would need to start a new flow to use the Excel reader node to re-bring in the information so that I can manipulate it. I’m new to Knime and am likely missing something obvious and would appreciate any tips.

My immediate use case is to collect all folder names a directory, then use RegEx or other pattern matching to take out a project code that is part of every folder name so that I have a column with clean project codes.

Hi @mnblockhead , welcome to the KNIME community.

Take a look at the Path to String node, which you can attach to the output of the List Files/Folders node.

I also have a couple of components which might assist with your task.


Thank you! Very helpful.