Hello, very good afternoon, I present the following consultations related to the certification process:

  1. Are the tests to perform to obtain certification in Knime are in Spanish language?

  2. Once the certification is obtained, does this present expiration date?

  3. Are the tests to be carried out to obtain certification, are they through a theoretical framework (with multiple selection questions) or practical exercises?

  4. I understand that the KNIME platform presents learning modules, however, consulted, is this guide enough to opt for certification?

  5. Where could you look or buy books or material in Spanish to start deepening my knowledge?

Dear @Pedro87,

The examinations are currently only available in English.

A certificate / digital badges expires after 2 years.

Multiple choice questions.

All L1 courses, like L1-DS or L1-DW, prepare you for the L1 certification exam. This also holds for the other levels. Please also note that there is only one L1 exam.

Best regards,


Thank you very much @stelfrich for the explanations.

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