change color of node label / comment . . .

Hi all,

I’m using the new UI and want to change the background color of the node labels / comments.
See screenshot to change to e.g. purple or orange

With the “old” UI that was easy by right-mouse-button
With F2 I can only change the text

I’m sure I overlook something but what . . .

Hi @sanderlenselink , if you have overlooked something, well that makes two of us unfortunately!

The only way I’ve seen at the moment is to switch back to Classic UI, change it there and then switch to Modern again


Not really a good solution, I know, and worse than that, if you then edit the text in Modern, the formatting disappears.

The one small positive I found though is that emoji entered in the label of a node (using Win “.” keyboard shortcut - or equivalent in non-Windows OS - now appear in colour instead of black and white. So you can make the label stand out a little in other ways, but not like it does with a full colour background.



Then we are in the same boat . . . nice to meet you :blush:

Hopefully there will be an update soon because this is not really working. I have been tempted to use the new UI but it takes some getting used to.

Can someone from Development indicate when cq if this feature is planned as in a nex

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Nice to meet you too @sanderlenselink , I’ve moved your thread to “feedback and ideas” so hopefully it will get attention.

And I have added my “vote” to it using the button at the top. I suggest you do the same.

@armingrudd , do you know if the return of this functionality is planned?

DONE . . . (I wasn’t aware of the function “Feedback & Ideas”

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Hi @takbb,

No plans but let’s wait for this topic to get upvoted and I’ll create a ticket.

Thanks @armingrudd ,

I hope that bringing this feature back does now get lots of up votes!

I also miss it from Classic UI, and had assumed it would be on the roadmap.

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