Change Colour of Scatter Plot Points

I was wondering whether anyone knew how I can change the colours that are used in the 2D/3D scatter plot. I am colouring by a column with two different values (0 or 1) - but the colours that it is defaulting too are either red or purple.


I was hoping to change this to red or blue which are a bit easier to see. If anyone has any guidance it would be greatly appriciated!


Thank you! 

A work around would be to add rows that have no data point, but do have a value for the colour column. Play a bit with the number of rows to find some values that you like.

Hey ska35,

If you use the Color Manager you can set the color to whatever you like (see attachment for red-blue-example).

To use the coloring of the table rows select "--Use Cell Color--" in the view of the 2D/3D Scatterplot.


Thank you so much for your help! That worked great!


where can I find the 2D/3D Scatterplot node? I don't have it in my node repository. Is it part of an extension?




Hello Jan,

The 2D/3D Scatterplot is included in the Community Contribution "Erlwood Knime Open Source Core".


Thanks, Ferry, for letting me know!