Change Column name of a table


I have a file that contains column names. How can I use this file in order to replace columns names of a given table?




Hi Malik,

with the Insert Column Header node. It needs a table containing a mapping from the original column names to the new ones.

Cheers, Iris 

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Hi Iris,

I probably do something wrong.

So, my dataset table looks like that. (with 109 column, starting from Col0..... Col109)

And I have another excel file, with the column header in one column, and 109 rows. I use a "transpose" node and then an "extract column headers" and on port 1, I get the following table.

Then I take a "insert column header" in order to put the headers from the second table to first table. But it doesn't work.

I configure it as "Lookup Column" col0, "Value column" col0.

The error message says, no nake assigned to col0, set the appropriate option to the configuration dialog to get the column names. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I tried every possible option.

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11atzitzi I have the same problem!

you might have a look at this example


kn_example_col_header.knwf (41.9 KB)


Thank you mlauber71!