Change default workspace

Currently on Knime 4.7.1 and having difficulty trying to find how to change the default workspace. When Knime opens it points to C:Users/xxx/knime_workspace. I can go File/Switch Workspace and point to the correct location for all my workflows - on ‘Apply and Close’ Knime shuts down and restarts and the workflows now show under LOCAL (Local Workspace) but when I try and open any of them I get an “Unable to load workflow “ABC” It is in use by another user/instance.” message. Any ideas?

As an update, I’ve updated to KNIME 5.1 to see if that sorts it. As part of the install I’ve set the default workspace to the new location but I still see the same error message on trying to open any of my workflows. The KNIME console displays
WARN VMFileLocker I/O Error while trying to lock dir “workflow name”: Lock could not be aquired on: ‘workflow name’.knimelock’. Reason: null

Hi @n_ray is this still an issue? Both errors indicate that your workflows are in use on another KNIME product. Is the workspace you specify being used by anybody else an any other Analytics Platforms (APs) simultaneously?

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