Change email address of KNIME forum account


I need to change the email address of my KNIME account. I looked in the preferences, but there’s no option to edit it.
The only related info I found on the forum was that the account name cannot be changed. Is that also the case with email addresses?


Hello @Thyme,

currently it isn’t possible to change the email.
I would suggest creating a new account and linking to the new/old account in the profile description.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards

Hello Marvin,

most answers I found go like this:
currently it isn't possible to change email/name/...
It leaves room for me to speculate that there’re some changes to the forum ‘planned’ that would allow us to change it in the future?

If so, please add a +1 from me. I’m going to lose access to the email address I registered the account with, keeping it would’ve been nice.

Thank you for your answer, I’ll see you on the other side. =)


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