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I’m completely new to KNIME and have a question: I have an Excel Datasheet which contains all of my information seperated by comma in just one column. The first row contains all the headings for the respective columns I want to generate. How can I generate a datasheet with more than one column? Is there a way to display the newly generated Excel table to see if I have worked correctly?

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Hi @mary1234 and welcome to the forum.

Can you upload a sample of your data, assuming it’s not confidential? That will be helpful for everyone to understand your issue better.

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Hi @mary1234, as @ScottF said, an uploaded example would be good, but if my understanding is correct, you would probably want the following nodes:

Excel Reader (configured to say there is no “heading row”)

Cell Splitter, configured to split on comma as delimiter, and split to “new columns”

Row to Column Names (KNIME 5.2) or Row to Column Header (KNIME 4.x) to convert the first row to table column names

Column Auto-type Cast this might be able to correctly infer your column data types. Otherwise you may need to individually set different data types using nodes such as String to Number, String to Date&Time or some other “data conversion” nodes depending on what your data is.

After that you could view the data directly in KNIME in the 5.2 Modern UI, or you can right-click the final node after it is executed and open the view port.

You can write back to a new spreadsheet using Excel Writer, or even write back to a new sheet on the original spreadsheet.

If you upload sample data, I, or somebody else, can be more specific about how to achieve it.


you can use cell splitter and create new columns


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