change file name of exported nodes within "dropin" directory causes nodes not to load


I’ve exported a project containing my custom KNIME nodes, and when I place it in the KNIME directory (for my non-developer version of KNIME) they load correctly. However, if I shut down KNIME, and then change the name of my file containing my exported nodes in the “dropins” directory, when I restart KNIME my nodes are no longer loaded correctly. I checked the knime.log file and found no messages related to my nodes. What else do I need to do to get KNIME to load my nodes from the dropin directory? Or what needs to be reset? Thank you,


ps. as a workaround, I deleted my file from the dropins directory, started and stopped KNIME twice, then placed the renamed file back in the dropins directory. Then my nodes were visible in KNIME

The dropins folder is only meant as a legacy mechanism for loading Eclipse extension that are not available as features. You should really consider using features and the Update Manager for installing/using your nodes. The behavior you are observing is just one reason.

Ahh, then maybe the documentation should be updated? Using dropins is the only method mentioned:

Is there a different way I should be exporting my created nodes as well? When I try to use the exported jar file as a local update witthin KNIME, it doesn’t work and it claiims that it is not a valid repository.

Please have a look here for how to create an Eclipse Update Site.