Change from String to Long number in database

I am trying to change the column type to long number in a database. I used DB SQL Executor node and typed the following statement;

ALTER TABLE “TableName” ALTER COLUMN “Column Name” Long

However, it is giving me the following error,

Execute failed: Column, parameter, or variable #25: Cannot find data type Long.

how do I fix this?

If there is an alternative way to do this task let me know

Thanks in advance

@kanishka271 Answering this question without knowing what db type you’re working with is challenging :wink:

There are some examples out there, like:

Most likely it’s TYPE LONG that you need to use.


Hi @kanishka271 , as per @ArjenEX , it is quite difficult to answer your question without know what db system you are on.

Most likely, the type “Long” is not supported. Maybe try bigint instead?


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