Change namespace of custom DataCell/DataValue, keep backwards compatibility

I have a custom DataCell + DataValue combination, for which I would like to change the package namespace, b/c requirements and usage in the project has changed. When I simply move the two classes to a different package, existing tables which contain the corresponding types cannot be deserialized any longer, obviously.

Is there any trick to ensure, that existing data can still be deserialized? I already tried keeping a placeholder class in the old package, where the static #getCellSerializer method would just delegate to the moved class, but that does not work (i.e. getting exceptions during deserialization of existing tables).

Any help appreciated!

Maybe AdapterCells can help in this case. As I understand you can create conversion/adaption from the old version to the new implementation.

Thank you, that might be a solution, however it sounds rather complicated. I would prefer some more simple variant, if there is such :) (basically all I need, is being able to redirect the deserialization to the new/moved class).


This is not possible until we have an extension point for data types.