Change order of "Favorite Nodes"

The current ordering of favorite nodes is crazy confusing if have more than a handful. In fact, I don’t see any apparent universal name or function based rational to the ordering. They are not alphabetical, nor are they ordered logically by function, nor are they ordered by folder - then alphabetical… My gut is that they are ordered by ID number or something. For instance nodes like Column Merger, Column Rename & Reference Column Filter fall at the top of a list, while Column Appender appears toward the bottom. The net effect of this is constant fumbling around to try and find the right nodes in favorites. (that you placed in favorites in the first place to avoid fumbling around folders in the Node Repository)

I propose that you offer some options to sort and reorganize the Favorite Nodes to suit the individual user. Maybe make the default something lIke: Alphabetical or Funtion & Alphabetical, but also allow users to re-order the nodes to organize the favorites themselves. The ability to do some visual grouping would be great as well.

Hi @iCFO -

I think this will change eventually as we continue to add features to KNIME AP Version 5. At least, there is a ticket for it (NXT-66). I’ve added a +1 on that ticket from you.


I added a new possible approach to the V5 feedback thread. Allowing users to customize the node order in the Node Repository might just bypass the need for a separate Favorites Nodes Window altogether.


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