Change Reader Defaults to NOT limit rows scanned

The new reader nodes (CSV & Excel) all default to only scan 50 rows to determine the data type. I find this fails nearly every time and have to manually turn this off each time I use one of these nodes. Is there anyway to change the default to either not limit the rows or at least use a larger number (>1000 rows), so I don’t have to manually make the change every single time?


We already increased the default and it will be shipped with the bug fix release. Is there a magic number that applies to your files?


~1000 rows would work 90% of the time for me, 10,000 would work 99% of the time. Either case takes less than a second to scan with ~20 columns of data


I have the exact same issue. Feels clunky having to disable every time. Is it possible to either default to not limit the data rows scanned or add a preference to auto-enable or not?

Thank you for fixing this! Things run much smoother after the update.


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