Change shared component that needs input

I built a component wihtin a workflow and created a shared component from it.

Now I would like to change something in the component. However, the component needs data from upstream nodes. When I open the shared component from a workflow where I have upstream nodes, I get to a read-only view of the component and I can’t edit anything. When I open the shared component individually, I don’t have the data from upstream nodes which makes editing difficult.

How can I edit a shared component that needs input?

I found this thread but the question is not really answered: Editing shared Components - #2 by ana_ved

Hello @mpreusse,

same topic features link to Components guide where you can find how to edit a shared Component. (Disconnect, update, overwrite)


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Thanks @ipazin, I did not see that in the documentation.

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All fine @mpreusse :slight_smile:
Glad you solved it.

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