Change the order of quickforms in a wrapped metanode (not in the web portal)

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does anyone know how to change the order of quickforms in a wrapped metanode? I.e., when you doubleclick the wrapped metanode, I want to see the quickforms in a different order. I tried the Icon "opens dialog to edit layout of wrapped metanode views", but that did not change anything - maybe it only works for the web portal.

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Hi Agaunt,

You were searching at the right spot. By clicking the icon a window with title "Node Usage and Layout" should open. The second tab of that window allows you to reorder all the quickforms and plots the wrapped metanode contains.There you can add rows and columns to structure the view of the wrapped metanode. Just keep in mind that every row can't have higher width than 12. I hope that helps.


Hi Marten,

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately it does not solve my problem. I can change the order of the quickforms in the "basic layout" dialog, but the order is not changed when I want to configure my wrapped metanode.

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Any solution to that issue yet?
I encounter the same problem.

For the last release of the Analytics Platform (3.7) we have improved the way a user can define a layout for the view of a wrapped metanode by adding a visual layout editor. However defining a layout for the dialog of a wrapped metanode is not possible at the moment. We are aware of this shortcoming and want to provide a solution for it at some point in the future. A workaround for now might be to delete and re-insert the nodes in the workflow in the order they are supposed to appear in the dialog later on, so that they have an ascending node ID.


The work around to this issue is not ideal when there are a lot of configuration input fields.

How is the underlying rendering done for these input fields? Is the order controlled by an XML specification file or is it something internal to the Java code that renders the wrapped metanode configuration dialog?

Hi there -

In KNIME AP 4.3, we’ve added a feature that allows you to change the order of the configuration nodes. Check out the animation on our What’s New page here: