Changes to Scaffold Finder node(?)


I have today been trying to use a workflow that I set up some time ago, and there seems to be a problem reading in the Scaffold Finder node...  Am I going mad, or did this node used to have two out-ports and not just one?!

I am almost certain that I used to be able to return multiple scaffolds for a set of input molecules using this node, and now I only ever seem to be able to return a single MCS...

Any help/advice greatly appreciated!

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Actually, it may be that a subsequent R-Group Decomposition node (that uses the MCS as the scaffold) has failed to import...  It is a bit difficult to piece together what nodes / connections used to be there(!)

However, assuming that there should have been an R-Group Decomposition (which makes sense for what I was initially doing) - I am now seeing an error where I used to be able to run successfully:

ERROR R-Group Decomposer Execute failed: CMF saver: R-site numbers higher than 7 are not supported

I know others have reported the same error some time ago - as before, any help greatly appreciated : )

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Hello James,

Un updated version of Indigo node is now working with up to 32 R-groups correctly. You can try this version from the nightly builds.

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That’s brilliant news - thanks Mikhail! [actually, I had just seen that there was a new version, and had been investigating the new features : ) ]

Thank you! I have just written a detailed announcement about this new version in the lastest message:

It would be better to take time to understand the documentation. - Dennis Wong


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