changing basis for comparison base on rules

hello, I have a problem with something I am sure can be done with knime, but my skills are not there yet to be able to crack it. hopefully some smarter people here can help.

KNIME HELP.xlsx (10.0 KB)

it goes like this.
for a given customer, he buys products on various dates.
I start comparing the second purchase to the first.
each purchase will go through a set of rules to define a criteria.
Depending on the the criteria being met or not, the third purchased will either be compared to the 1st purchase (if the criteria was not met) or to the second purchase (if the criteria was met).
then that third is assessed vs “the right comparison”, and gain depending on the criteria being met it would serve as basis for the 4th or not…
and so on for each purchase.

hopefully I can get some help.

Hi @sertx, welcome to the KNIME community

Thank you for uploading some sample data. I think though that before anybody could give a good answer, they’d need a little more information about the process as what you have written is a bit abstract at the moment. Workflows and methods can vary greatly depending on the specifics of what you are wanting to achieve.

What is the basis for the comparison between two rows? What type of rules/criteria would you be applying?

Also, what is the expected output from these comparisons?

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