Changing data types of individual cells

Hi! I was wondering how to change the data type of specific cells in Knime. I am creating an Excel report that has multiple tables in one sheet, and so my idea was to create it all in Knime as one table with subsections but it causes numbers to be formatted as strings whenever I put a header as a row in the table.

If anyone has any experience with creating dense reports in one sheet with Knime that would be wonderful. Thanks!


I’m not sure if it’s possible; maybe one of the experienced members can provide a solution.

What I see is that every time you have a header in a row, Knime does not recognize it as a header but as a string value, so it automatically converts all the column values ​​into strings, including the numbers.

There is a node that transforms a string column into a number as in the example I attached, but then the header becomes a missing value since there is no way for it to be converted into a number.

I would use the Write to Template node for this kind of advanced formatting problem. If you have predictable table lengths, then you can do it with standard formatting. If things are highly variable, then you can use conditional formatting to ID the tables and apply formatting.

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@Espinosa_a_11 what you can do is you can use OpenPyxl to apply individual values and format to excel sheets.,Python&sort=best

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