Changing Nominal Value Datatype to String, Int, or Double

Hi everyone,

I have an workflow that pivots data into a large table.  The resulting table has a number of columns which are of the nominal datatype.  Depending on choices made in the workflow the number of columns can change.

Is there a way to use a Column Rename node (or any other node) to force all column types to String?  Similar to the include all columns function in a string to number node?

If I can do that then I can use splitters to parce the columns and set the proper type.

Any ideas?


If I understand you correctly, you might be looking for the String Manipulator's string function. Probably followed by a Domain Calculator. This only works for a single column, so a loop through the columns is necessary.

Cheers, gabor

The only method I know is Gabor's method.

You will need a

Column List Loop Start, (Include All Columns)

Column Rename (RegEx), (Choosing Replacement as Test)

String Manipulation, (Using String ($Test$))

Column Rename (RegEx), (Choosing Search String as Test, and Replacement as the ColumnName Variable)

Loop End (Column Append)



Thanks Guys!