changing parameters on excel?

so i have been looking on some nodes that allow you to change the colors of lines and columns also stuff for graphs but i cant find anything that allows me to change stuff like the colors inside the document or spacing of lines/columns in the actual Knime is there anything like that or Knime does not work with documents outside it self?

Hi @Bleck -

Referring specifically to Excel, I think what you are looking for is the Continental Nodes for KNIME extension. The nodes offer fairly deep functionality for manipulation of Excel formats. Here’s a workflow that demonstrates how they work:


@Bleck the continental nodes are indeed a good idea to use. If you need more complicated formats and functions you can use OpenPyxl which is included in the Python KNIME extension:

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Do you really need to change it or do you have a final “template” in mind. If so you could use write to excel template node


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