Changing table structure

Hey everyone :slight_smile:
Does anyone know how I can change my table so it looks like the second one?
Any help is much appreciated!


Hi @Chaosprinzip
are your final based on the numbers of your source example ? If so i do not unterstand the logic/math behind.
What does column A, B and C stands for your values in your source?


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Ah sorry, I just now saw that I posted the wrong version of the final one -


Should make more sense now, the numbers are random though.
Basically in the source table the column names are Product x Timeframe and I want to have one column that just repeats the timeframes and has the fitting amounts in the other two columns.


The two marked fields would be the same

I would

  1. Unpivoting each amountnow and amountLT columns seperate keeping city as key.
  2. Append both result tables
  3. split “column header” column using char “_”
  4. Pivot the table using city and product column as group condition and the remainig of the spliting as pivot setting and the values under manual aggregation. In your case you can use first as aggregation method.

keep in advanced settins pivot name as “pivot name” and aggregation name as “keep original name(s)”.



Thanks @morpheus I will try that and let you know if it worked!

Hi you only need one unpivot node. Step 2 is therefore not necessary.

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