Changing the date format

I need to create a date of a run in a specific format. I used Create Date&Time Range node and it creates a date of yyyy-mm-dd. I need it to be formatted as mm/dd/yyyy. i used String to Date&Time and it keeps failing. What are my other options?

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Hi there,

to have that format you can do 2 things:

  1. Use legacy Date&Time format. After create Date&Time Range use Date&Time to legacy Date&Time node. Also under Preferences–> KNIME --> Preferred Renderers chose appropriate format.


  1. Work with strings. After create Date&Time Range node use String Manipulation node to get your format.

Both ways you will not be able to work with new (standard) Date&Time nodes to manipulate Date column(s) so I advise you do this change at the end of workflow.



Ended up doing the string manipulation. Much appreciated!


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