Changing Times

Hello KNIMErs

Recently the time in the UK changed to BST.

Whilst on my local machine I use the File Explorer to monitor / manage jobs and flows. I noticed that the job execution time was incorrect, an hour less that what it should have been

I went to the server, where KNIME Server is, and checked the system time - which was correct.

From my local AP, I created a flow using a Create Date&Time range node. uploaded it to the server and executed it. On file explorer the time of the job was minus 1 hour, opened the job and the output was minus 1 hour

Then I logged on to the KNIME server - opened the executor and created a flow using the Create Date&Time range, ran it, and the output was correct time.

By restarting the server [edit: The server KNIME server sits on], this issue has been solved.

But, do I really need to restart the server every time the clocks change?

Is there a setting or something I have missed in the documentation?

Thank you


Hi @FrankColumbo,

This would be an expected behaviour. KNIME Server uses the time/timezone of its host machine, and any changes to those require a KNIME Server restart in order to reflect the change.

thank you @Dora_Oravecz

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