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I struggle so much to do one thing, I would appreciate it if someone helps me out!

I have an excel file where I need to filter a row by a length of it. So basically I need to count the length of the row and filter this.

How can I count the length on a row?

Thank you

I @sherknime & welcome to the KNIME community !

If I understood well, you need to count the number of characters in a row regardless of the number of columns in your table.

If so, one possible solution for this is to use the -Column Aggregation- node to aggregate (without defining a separator) all the columns in just one single column and then use a -String Manipulator- node to count the number of characters. By heart, I believe the function to use is “length( $your aggregated variable$)”.

Hope it helps.



Thank you very much @aworker

@sherknime My pleasure to help and thanks for having validated the solution.



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