Chart or Line Plot


I'm trying to get a Line Plot from my data. The data consists of Date (date), Name (string) and value1 (double) and value2 (double). And I would like to see the development of the two values in dependency of the date (Date x-axes, value y-axes). Like development of share prices.

Is this possible?



Yes, it is. You may want to use the Mask Time and/or Time To String node and then convert the column into a row id using the Row ID node. The Line Plot can then be used to display value1 and value2 against the row id (date/time).

If you have your data rowwise you may need to traspose.

There is a node called transpose sth...

With the node lineplot you can only show columns as time series. Each column gets its name by the name, so you can set a new id with the rowID node first.

However all these line plot nodes make quite ugly plots with a horrible axis describtion. Therefore you could use the R-view node and call some nice libraries in R.

thanks for the additional info. I'm not yet familiar with R but I'll give it a try later. for now the solution with the date as row id has to be enough.

Hi !

Thanks for these informations, that helped me well... but still, I have a problem.

My values in the RowID are not equally distanced ; for instance, I have :
Col0 = [0, 1, 4, 6]

When I display the plot, the values in the x axes are not scaled... so the shape of the plot is not good.

I have something like :


But I was expecting something like :


Nobody knows ?

I can add some precisions :

If I had two columns like this


and I want to plot y = f(x).

So, I'm expecting something like this :

And KNIME gives me this :

Can you see the difference on the x axes ? KNIME doesn't respect the distance between the points.

The scatter plot will give you scaling correctly, but obviously no lines, just a scatter.

This does seem somewhat of a limitation of the Line Plot viewer which forces the use of the RowID as the x-axis thereby not being able to specify a String or Double value column.