Chart output from Report Designer does not match data

I'm new to Knime and having a tough time with Report Designer.  I'm reading in data from an Excel spreadsheet that consists of two columns -- one contains 4 categories for the x-axis and numbered data for the y-axis.  Inside the chart dialog, the chart I created reflects the data and shows four columns and the numbered data on the y-axis and the data preview shows the sample data.  However, when executed, the chart that appears in the report is the default model that is shown when the chart dialog opens with 5 categories named A through E.  I've looked through the forum for a similar post but no luck.  Uninstalled/reinstalled Report Designer with the same outcome.  Would appreciate any help with this.  Thanks in advance.

By the way, in case it makes any difference, I'm running Knime 3.4.1 with the most recent Report Designer on Windows 7 Professional Edition, 64-bit version.


that's just the normal BIRT behaviour. The page you see if more about designing the report and not showing the actual data. If you want to see how the executed report looks like, you can click on the View Report button (looks like a "Play" button) and select an appropriate document format.

Hope that helps.


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