Charts in Knime (line with comparison + horizontal bars)



I am trying to genereta two types of graphs in Knime: line and horizontal bars. I couldn't find in the 'data view' nodes a way to created the example graphs that are in the attached PDF. I would appriate any tip!


Obs.: To the line chart, I need X axis as 'year', Y axis as 'count', and two different color lines to illustrate the variable 'dimension'. An example of the data is below:


Dimension               Year       Count

international          2009      15

international          2010      3

international           2011      15

international          2012      12

local                       2010      3

local                       2011      1

local                       2012      9


Many thanks in advance,


Hi Cadu, 

For the line plot, try the the Line Chart (JFreeChart) node.  There isn't a native horizontal bar chart node in KNIME but this would be a good excuse to look at our new interactive R Table to View nodes which can be used to generate very nice looking graphics using packages such as ggplot2. 

Another option is to use our reporting tool to generate these images as horizontal bar charts are certainly possible there.