Charts with user inputs (for filters)

Hi all,

I use actually the Knime server 4.11 and Knime analytics 4.2 .

I want to do some bar charts and having some filters criteria for users to chose so that I can re-visualize the bar charts accordingly (same page).

I made a component for this and put it in a recursive loop (Cf. WF here) in thinking it will do the job. However, the selected values by users are not kept.

May someone tell me how to make this work ? Or there’s another way doing what I want to do ?

Thank you in advance !

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Thanh Thanh

Hi @tttpham,

unfortunately, with KNIME 4.11 it is not really possible to have these kind of visualizations with the WebPortal. We have introduced such functionality with KNIME 4.4 / KNIME Server 4.13 by adding a so called Refresh Button node which allows to trigger a re-execution of the component while persisting the user input. You can find examples here: Eight Data App Designs with the New Refresh Button | KNIME
We have enhanced it further with 4.5 and 4.14 respectively.

If you are interested in updating the KNIME Server, you can reach out to and we are happy to support you.

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Hi Julian,

Thanks for your confirmation. I’m aware of the Refresh button in newer version of Knime. Just wanna give it a try with our current Knime version before deciding to do the migration because it will take us additional effort to do the migration.
We’ll contact Knime support when we have the GO for the server migration.

Again, thanks for the confirmation!

Best regards
Thanh Thanh

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