Check if value of table A within range from Values in table B

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I have two tables and I would like to check if the values of table B are within the values of table A. If yes, it should be displayed in another column. The length of the tables is different. How could you check something like this? I have attached example tables. Many thanks in advance for the help
SampleTable_A.xlsx (8.2 KB)
SampleTable_B.xlsx (8.1 KB)

Hi Manuel,
When you say “within the values”, do you mean within the range (min and max value) of the values in table A? Or do the values of B actually need to be contained in A? The latter you can achieve with a Reference Row Filter or Reference Row Splitter, the former would be slightly more complex. If it is that, let me know and I can create an example for you.
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Hi Alexander,

yes I mean the first. Within the minimum and maximum values of the values in table A.

Thanks for your quick feedback

The community will probably come up with 100 other ways of doing it, but here’s one that works: Values in Range – KNIME Community Hub. You can use GroupBy to calculate minimum and maximums, then just compare those between the two datasets with a Rule Engine node.
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