Check sequential / non-sequential invoice numbers (multiple vendors = multiple columns)

Hi Knimers,

I have some probems with my workflow and hope that someone can help me out.

The goal is to check, if the invoice numbers for each of my vendors and the corresponding year are consecutive or not.

I have managed to create a workflow that (only) checks the invoice numbers of one supplier and several financial years. It seems to work well.
Check for sequential INV numbers_V3.knwf (256.8 KB)

At the moment, I don’t know how I can design the workflow so that it shows me the result for all suppliers.

Here it is first checked whether there are only consecutive numbers and whether there are interruptions. If all numbers are sequential, the note: “The quota of sequential numbers is 100%” is included in the explanation (Rank = 1).

If the consecutive invoice numbering is interrupted, a quota is calculated: How high is the proportion of consecutive invoice numbers. If the rate is > 80%, rank = 2. If the rate is below 80%, the rank should be 3.

The results are summarized for the respective financial years. This seems to works well for one supplier. Would it be possible to get a similar result (aggregated) for multiple suppliers?

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Hi @DA2023,

One easy (but not necessarily efficient) approach would be to use the Group Loop Start right after the reader to apply the following flow to each vendor separately and then after the Loop End at the end, you can aggregate the output.


Hi @armingrudd,

thanks a lot for the tip, helped a lot.


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