Check sequential / non-sequential invoice numbers

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a workflow for recognizing consecutive invoice numbers.

Basically, the invoice numbers of different suppliers from different financial years are to be checked to see whether they are consecutive. Based on this, a quota per supplier and financial year is to be calculated and a ranking created.

I have managed to create a workflow that (only) checks the invoice numbers of one supplier and several financial years.

At the moment, I don’t know how I can design the workflow so that it shows me the result for all suppliers, as I would like to know how high the proportion of consecutive invoice numbers of all individual suppliers was and what ranking they have.

I also have the problem that different suppliers have different invoice numbers. These can contain dates, special characters etc. (e.g. AC-2023-001). For my workflow, however, I absolutely need the pure numbering (here: 001). I have used the “string manipulator” node in the curren workflow and removed the first 8 characters. However, I cannot map all individual scenarios. Is there a solution for this?

I hope that you can help me to solve the problem(s).

I have attached the current workflow and the two tables (a single supplier / several suppliers).

Best regards

Check for sequential INV numbers.knwf (240.6 KB)
Sequential-Test Data.xlsx (14.5 KB)

Hi @DA2023

I hope I understood your question well. The solution can be achieved with the Rank node. See this wf Check for sequential INV numbers_v2.knwf (240.6 KB) :thinking:

gr. Hans


Hi @HansS

first of all many Thanks for your kind help!

Would it be possible to get a comparable result as in this screenshot?

Here it is first checked whether there are only consecutive numbers and whether there are interruptions. If all numbers are sequential, the note: “The quota of sequential numbers is 100%” is included in the explanation (Rank = 1).

If the consecutive invoice numbering is interrupted, a quota is calculated: How high is the proportion of consecutive invoice numbers. If the rate is > 80%, rank = 2. If the rate is below 80%, the rank should be 3.

The results are summarized for the respective financial years. This works well for a supplier. Would it be possible to get a similar result from multiple suppliers?

Since I made some changes to the workflow, here is the adjusted workflow.

Check for sequential INV numbers_V3.knwf (256.8 KB)