Check the progress of executing workflow on Web portal

Hi all,

I’ve just deployed a workflow on Knime Server and execute it and it takes longtime to end.
In the mean time, I want to check its progress, but I do not know how to obtain this information.

Can you please tell me how to do?

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Thanh Thanh

Hi @tttpham and welcome to the KNIME forum,

If the workflow execution takes a very long time and you want to be informed about the progress, I suggest adding the Send Email node where you want to be informed after the execution of that part.
For example after 50 percent of the workflow, add a Send Email node containing this message: “50% completed”. Or you can add whatever information you need to the email.



Hi @tttpham,

Armin’s solution should do the trick for now :slight_smile:

Thinking about future developments, we will put quite a bit of effort into revisiting the current WebPortal. The request for a progress indicator has come up before, and this is part of that roadmap as well.


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Hi @tttpham

one more thing, you can use the Remote Job View to actually see the workflow running. You can see which part of the workflow is currently executing.

This is available to users via the KNIME client only, but also works for Webportal workflows.

Best, Iris


Thanks you for all the replies.

I’ll insert the Send mail node for now I think, Thx @armingrudd
And if I do not get it wrong @Iris, to use the Remote Job View, I need to install the corresponding module on the server and client side ?

Thanks again !

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Thanh Thanh

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Yes that is true.

For having access to the remote job view the client and the executor needs the respective package installed.
You can find an installation description here

Best, Iris

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