Dear All,


I am pleased to announce that we have just officially released a set of KNIME nodes that facilitate querying and retrieving data from the ChEMBL bioactivity database via our RESTful web services

The nodes allow the user to retrieve bioactivity information for a given compound, assay or protein target in ChEMBL. Furthermore, the user can perform similarity, substructure and exact searches.

Further information, including example workflows can be found here.






Thank you for this contribution, this is a real improvement for the data mining of this public database in our daily job.



Sanofi - Structure Design and Informatics


I am figuring out how to work with the new nodes. Thanks for that contribution.

I followed your link, but did not find a hint to the EMBL nodes. Is there a documentation available?

I would like to fetch compounds that are related to a certain receptor.

Hi there,

You can find several related examples in the EXAMPLES Server. Just go to the KNIME explorer panel, login to the server and navigate to 099_Community/08_ChEMBL_WebService. Then drag this folder and drop it on your LOCAL folder. There are enough workflows there to get you started.